My Testing Tools

Mobile Testing Tools - Adventures in QAIn this post I want to give you some insights in my daily working life as a mobile tester especially which tools I use to test mobile apps. I got ask this question several times while attending conferences or I have been asked via eMail. Which tools are you using for mobile testing. In this post I want to give you the answer to this question.

One remark, the tools I am using in my current project are best for my current situation but this must not be the case for you and your project. Please keep this in mind and don’t just use the tools I am using. This might not be the best fit for your project and your software development environment.

My Tool Chain

The following tool list contains also non testing tools that help me to “survive” and to support me as a software tester especially as a mobile tester in my projects. I have also listed several Android and iOS test frameworks that I am using in different projects, because every project is different.

  • Confluence: As wiki system to document any kind of stuff
  • JIRA: To organize the work within the SCRUM team
  • Git, SourceTree: Version control system
  • HipChat: Communication and fun 🙂
  • Android Studio: Android IDE
  • XCode: iOS IDE
  • Bash: Connect to servers, navigate through file systems and so on
  • Sublime Text 2: Texteditor
  • adb (Android Debug Bridge): For update and installation tests. Used also for screen recording test sessions
  • monkey: To stress test the Android app
  • UI Auto-monkey: To stress test the iOS app
  • Java: To write Android test automation
  • Objective-C: To write iOS test automation
  • Robotium: Android Test Framework
  • Spoon: Used in combination with Robotium to use the nice reporting features of spoon
  • Espresso: Android Test Framework
  • Appium: iOS Test Framework
  • Keep It Functional: iOS Test Framework
  • Calabash: For Web and mobile testing
  • Selenium Webdriver: For Web testing
  • Ruby: To write little scripts and BDD tests
  • Skitch: For Screenshots
  • Charles and Fiddler Proxy: To inspect the network traffic or to throttle the bandwidth to simulate different network situations
  • Jenkins: CI Server

This is a pretty long list but this is it. If you like you can use the comment form to provide your tool chain. I am looking forward to it.

Happy Testing!

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