Reading Recommendations # 13

The 13th issue of my software testing reading recommendations got a redesign. There is a new header image indicating the reading recommendations and furthermore every post I recommend is presented with a link preview and a short description of the post. I hope you like the new design, comments and feedback are very welcome!

This time I recommend 7 blog posts from great bloggers from around the world. There are posts dealing with the topics if software test automation will kill off testers, a nice post from Dan Ashby about a really questionable ISTQB question. Rob Lambert wrote about the 10 reasons why being a scrum master sucks, another post is dealing with how to start a testing challenge. Katrin Clokie is writing about the testing hierarchy in agile, there is another post about product risks and testing.

And my favorite post in this issue is the guest blog post from Derrick Lam at the testmunk blog about how Flipboard mastered the transition from manual to automated UI testing for their mobile apps.

Enjoy reading the posts.

BBC Academy – Technology – Will automated testing kill off the tester? The increasingly prevalent role of automated tests in recent years has led many to question the continuing necessity of the tester. Are the days of the tester as a specialist role numbered?

Reading Recommendations Daniel Knott


So… Another blog post stemmed from the depths of the LinkedIn forums. This time someone was asking for advice about answering an ISTQB exam question.

10 Reasons Why Being A Scrum Master Sucks – And a job opportunity – The Social Tester A comical look at 10 Reasons Why Being A Scrum Master Sucks
Test This Blog – Eric Jacobson’s Software Testing Blog: How To Start A Challenging Test
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottKatrina the Tester: Testing Hierarchy in Agile
Guest Blog: Flipboard transitioning from manual to automated UI testing | Testmunk Blog Automated mobile app testing on real iOS and Android devices using calabash automation framework.
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottGodtesen – Thoughts on Software Testing: Product risk, are we talking the talk or walking the walk.

If you have some interesting posts to share them here at the reading recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact me or to comment on this post.

Happy Testing!

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