Reading Recommendations # 10

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottHere is the 10th episode of my reading recommendations. This issue contains 8 awesome posts from topics like hardware can be agile, how to use games to become a better software tester. There are 3 posts about mobile testing one from the Google Engineer Mona El Mahdy, one from Stephen Janaway and Dan Billing and Edgar L. Furthermore, there are posts about context-driven testing, one about great testing resources and the last one is presenting the top tweets from the TestBash 2015 conference in Brighton. If you were not able to attend the conference, you should try to go there next year. It was an awesome conference, check my short blog post about it here.

My recommendation this time is the post from Mona El Mahdy about Android UI Testing at Google.

Enjoy reading the posts.

  1. Yes, Hardware Can Be Agile!
    Author: Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
  2. Using Games to Make You a Better Tester
    Author: Erik Davis
  3. Android UI Automated Testing
    Author: Mona El Mahdy
  4. Testing in the Pub Episode 3 – Mobile Testing
    Authors: Stephen Janaway & Dan Billing
  5. Context-Driven-Testing
    Authors: James Bach, Brian Marick, Bret Pettichord and Cem Kaner
  6. Great Resources
    Author: Huib Schoots
  7. What App Testers Need To Know About iOS 8.2
    Author: Edgar L
  8. Top Tweets From TestBash 2015
    Author: Ryan Arsenault

If you have some interesting posts to share them here at the reading recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact me or to comment on this post.

Happy Testing!