Reading Recommendations # 6

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottHere is the 6th episode of my reading recommendations. This issue contains six posts from different topics like how it’s tested: “Cuckoo clocks”, “The 8 Fs of Software Failure”, “Automation is key but don’t automate manual tests”, “Test your knowledge with uTest University Quizzes”, “How to embed screenshot in Cucumber reports” and “Testing beyond requirements? How much is enough?”
The last post from Alister Scott is my highly recommended read in this edition.

Enjoy reading the posts.

  1. How it’s Tested: Cuckoo Clocks
    Author: Mario Gonzalez Macedo
  2. The Eight Fs of Software Failure
    Author: Gerald M. Weinberg
  3. Automation is key, but don’t automate manual tests!
    Author: Matt Griscom
  4. Test Your Knowledge With uTest University Quizzes
    Author: Linda Frembes
  5. How to embed screenshot in Cucumber report across various environments
    Author: Karlo Smid
  6. Testing beyond requirements? How much is enough?
    Author: Alister Scott

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Happy Testing!