Top 114 Software Testing Blogs 2014

Award - Adventures in QALast week I found out that my blog was ranked 29th of the best software testing blogs of 2014. In total 114 blogs are listed on the page from TestBuffet. I was not aware that my blog was listed there, but it seems that TestBuffet is checking the software testing community and collects valuable sources for other software testers to improve their craft.
For me it is a great honor, to be in this list with my blog and I never expected to be ranked that good :). Thanks to all of you who are visiting and reading my posts.

Here are the top 5 blogs:

  1. Software testing help
    Vijay Shinde
  2. James Bach’s blog
    James Bach
  3. Google Testing Blog
  4. Observations on software testing and quality
    Michael Bolton
  5. Association for Software Testing

If you want to get further information about TestBuffet check the About section. In this section you will also find some more information about the ranking system.

TestBuffet defines it goals as follows:

Our goal is to bring structure in this web of information. We gather software testing related blogs from around the world, assign them a category and rank those blogs by their popularity. This can be the place for testers to start reading.

The complete list of blogs can be found here.

Happy Testing!