Reading Recommendations # 5

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottHere is the 5th episode of my reading recommendations. This issue contains five posts from topics like how to interview software testers, quest for testers, a very nice video podcast from OpenSignal about Mobile Sensor Networks. Furthermore, I added a nice post from Stephen Janaway where he wrote about his experiences with a testing bug bash. Last but not least there is another interesting post from Martin about mobile user expectations and retailer apps. Don’t miss to read it!

Enjoy reading the posts.

  1. Interview Testers As If You Want Testers
    Author: Jeff Nyman
  2. The Quest for Testers
    Author: Jeff Nyman
  3. OpenSignal Podcast No.1: Mobile Sensor Networks
    Authors: Samuel Johnston and James Robinson
    Author: Stephen Janaway
  5. 77% will not download a Retail app rated lower than 3 stars
    Author: Martin Poschenrieder

If you have some interesting posts to share them here at the reading recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact me or to comment on this post.

Happy Testing!