Reading Recommendations # 2

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottThis week I have new reading recommendations for you. The second issue contains  7 posts about different topics from speaking at and expectations about conferences, real life bugs in the automotive world, qualitative research about coding and software testing. Besides that there is a must read from Jonathan Kohl about designing products for smartwatches & wearables. The last recommendation is rather a funny one for people working in QA or with them, check it out.


Enjoy reading the posts.

  1. Audi’s Cruise Control “>=” Bug
    Author: Mattias Geniar
  2. On Conferences and Differences and Speaking
    Author: Pete Walen
  3. Know Yourself And Find Your Testing Profile
    Author: Horacio Luz Clara
  4. Qualitative Research Coding and Software Testing
    Author: John Stevenson
  5. Confidence or Information?
    Author: Natalie J Bennett
  6. Lessons Learned When Designing Products for Smartwatches & Wearables
    Author: Jonathan Kohl
  7. GIFs For QA
    Author: QA Hipster

If you have some interesting posts to share them here at the reading recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact me or to comment on this post.

Happy Testing!