Software Testing Reading Recommendations

Today, I want to start the year 2015 with a new series of my blog. The series is called “Reading Recommendataions”. The goal of this series is to share important testing blog post I am reading throughout the week or month. Whenever I found interesting blog posts I will collect and share them with you.

The shared links will contain different topics about software testing, from beginner topics to very special posts. I will not only focus on a certain topic, it is also very likely that there are topics that have nothing to do directly with testing, but may help you in your daily life or testing career to improve your skills.

A couple of weeks ago I started this knowledge sharing idea also with my colleagues. I created a wiki page and I started to collect interesting topics and posts that could be of interest for them. The feedback I got was really good and everybody like to receive those recommendations.

I really like the idea of collecting interesting posts and to share them with the community.

Here are the first reading recommendations:

    Author: James Bach
  2. Being a Braver Tester
    Author: Mark Winteringham
  3. Agile testing is not a methodology
    Author: Janet Gregory
  4. What my Mom Taught me About Life and Software Testing
    Author: Joe Colantonio