Hands-On Mobile App Testing is available

It’s done! My book “Hands-On Mobile App Testing” is available since today. Further information can be found here: http://www.handsonmobileapptesting.com/.

Why I wrote this Book

It all started in 2010 when I had the opportunity to work on my first mobile project. The mobile team I worked in was responsible for developing a mobile web app, a native Android app and a native iOS app. This was the company’s first mobile project and a completely new testing environment for the quality assurance department. Together with a colleague, I had the chance to build up a mobile testing strategy from scratch. We evaluated several test automation tools to see which one fits best in our software development lifecycle. At that time, mobile testing tools were few and far between, and at an very early development stage. We then tried several testing approaches and tools. Of course we failed with some of them, but in the end the whole team, the company and our customers were happy.

Another reason why I wrote this book was because of my blog. I started blogging in 2011 after giving a presentation at the Agile Testing Days in Potsdam, Germany. This was my first talk at a major testing conference and I was the only speaker on the agenda who spoke about mobile testing. After my presentation I was very busy for the rest of the conference as a lot of people approached me to ask about mobile testing, the approaches I use, what kind of tools I use and so forth. The huge interest and the lack of knowledge in mobile testing convinced me to start writing a blog. The goal was to share my knowledge of mobile testing and to exchange views and ideas with other mobile testers, while also improving my written english skills. So far I’ve written about 90 posts covering mobile apps and testing, and I never expected so many people from around the world to take an interest in my blog. The feedback I got so far has been great and it convinced me to take the next step.

That step is what you’re reading: a book about mobile testing where my practical experience and knowledge for anyone involved in the mobile business is written down. I chose Leanpub to publish this book because writing a book about fast-changing technology in a conventional way is simply not able to keep the pace with developments. I hope you enjoy reading this book and can learn something new about the mobile business.

Who should read this Book?

This book is aimed at anyone interested in mobile apps and mobile testing, ranging from junior to expert mobile testers who are already involved in mobile development teams. This book is also ideal for software test managers who need to manage mobile testing teams or to select a mobile test strategy. It’s also great for software testers who are new to this topic and want to switch to mobile technologies.
Software developers who want to know more about mobile testing and testing their mobile apps have also come to the right place.
This book is also intended for product managers looking to gain further insights into the challenging job of mobile testing.

Topics covered in this Book

This book covers the following topics:

  • The specialities of mobile testing.
  • Introduction to mobile devices and apps.
  • Challenges in mobile testing.
  • Different techniques to test mobile apps.
  • Mobile test automation and tools.
  • Additional mobile testing methods.
  • Mobile test and launch strategy.
  • Important skills for mobile testers.

Each chapter focuses on the practical side of mobile testing. Sure, there will be some theoretical parts, but most of the content is based on real-life experience as a mobile tester.

I’m really looking forward to receiving your feedback so I can keep on improving this book. Please send any feedback you may have to daniel [at] adventuresinqa [dot] com or use the comment section.

Happy Reading and Happy Testing!