I SLICED UP FUN by Jonathan Kohl

While attending the first CMAP (Certified Mobile App Professional) course in germany, I stumbled up on “I SLICED UP FUN” by Jonathan Kohl. Jonathan created a mnemonic for mobile app testing and named it “I SLICED UP FUN”. This mnemonic should help you to generate test ideas especially for mobile apps.

Here is a short look at the mnemonic. The complete pdf can be downloaded from Jonathans page.

I: Inputs into the device

  • Built-in keyboard/keypad
  • Touch screen gestures and typing
  • Synching with other devices

S: Store

  • Submission specifications
  • Development guide
  • User guide for error handling, location services, permissions for user privacy items, accessibility, etc.

L: Location

  • Geo-location errors
  • Movement, stopping suddenly
  • Connection issues due to interference

I: Interactions/ Interruptions

  • Running multiple applications, utilizing multitasking
  • Using other applications, then using the application you are testing(email, calendar, texting, note taking, others)
  • Notifications appear

C: Communication

  • Phone
  • Texting
  • Emails

E: Ergonomics

  • Small screens can be hard on the eyes
  • A small device means there is no ergonomic help from a desk, or chair – you often hunch over to interact with it
  • It’s not uncommon to get a sore back, fingers, eyes when using a device for any length of time

D: Data

  • Types of input – special characters, different languages, etc
  • Media – see if the app depends on an outside source to play music, videos or anything else
  • Size of files – if the application uses outside files, try using different file types

U: Usability

  • Note and log any issues that make you uncomfortable, frustrated, angry, or upset while using the app

P: Platform

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone

F: Function

  • Can you identify everything that the application does?
  • Have you worked through all the aspects of the app? Clicked every button? Filled in every form?
  • Try a tour of the product to identify everything it does.

U: User Scenarios

  • How is this application supposed to be used?
  • What problems does it solve for users?
  • What are the goals of end users that this application helps them solve?

N: Network

  • Wifi
  • Wireless broadband
  • Dead spots

You can download the mnemonic here. What is your approach when testing a mobile app? Looking forward to see some comments.

By Daniel Knott