Thanks to my former colleague @the_qa_guy, I now know the website The website is presenting nasty bugs in iOS mobile apps.
BrokeYourAppThe team behind the page is checking and testing random apps from the iOS store and is trying to break them. If they broke the app, they write a bug report with detailed steps, screenshots and videos. The whole report will be send to the developer. The bugs are categorized into

  • Crash
  • Freeze
  • UI Glitch
  • Dead End
  • Vanish

BrokeYourApp was created in June 2013 by Aaron Kaump (@aaronkaump) and Scott Darel (@ScottDarel). Besides finding the bugs, they also help the developers to fix them.

I really like the website and the idea behind it. You should check, it is fun browsing the bug reports and watching the videos.

Have fun!

By Daniel Knott