Software Testing World Cup 2014

This week, the company Díaz & Hilterscheid GmbH announced a really cool event for 2014. The Software Testing World Cup 2014 (Website).

The Software Testing World Cup (STWC) is an event for testing practitioners to show off their skills and compete with other testing professionals. It brings the testing craft into the spotlight and gives the profession a competitive event on a global scale.

The competition is divided into two parts, the online continental qualifying rounds and the finals. The final round will take place during the Agile Testing Days 2014. The winning teams from the qualifying round will be invited to the finals and will compete against each other during the testing conference.

For further information visit the STWC page.

At the following URL, the prices are listed for the winners.

  • Firs place: 3000€
  • Second place: 2000€
  • Third place: 1000€

I am really looking forward to the world cup and I am going to staff the team today :).

See you… Hopefully in Berlin ;).

By Daniel Knott