Robotium Recorder

This week the version 5.0.1 of Robotium was released. The latest version has of course again many improvements and some new functionalities (methods) like pressSoftKeyboardNextButton(), waitForEmptyActivityStack(int timeout) or Solo.config. With Solo.config you have now different configuration options for your project. For further information check the latest javadoc.
The new version has also a new package name com.robotium.solo. To see all the new features check the example project or download Robotium 5.0.1 from here.

Robotium Recorder

Robotium Recorder

The biggest update that came with the new version of Robotium is Robotium Recorder! With the recorder you are able to capture your test steps of your app and to automatically
import the results to your test project. Robotium Recorder is an Eclipse plugin and can be installed from the following URL ““. To install it, open eclipse and navigate to: Help --> Install New Software. Copy the URL in the “Work with” field and press Enter, wait while eclipse is loading the plugin and follow the wizard to install it. The full installation guide can be found here.

If the installation was successful you can create a new Robotium Test using the Recorder (Eclipse --> File --> New --> Other --> New Robotium Test) or use the recorder in an existing project by right clicking your project: Robotium Recorder --> New Robotium Test. You are also able to record your tests from an binary APK file.
If the recorder is started you can use your app in the way you want to test it. In the Robotium Recorder window you see the recorded commands. At the end of the recording session you click finish and the recorded test methods are shown in the java files. See also the full Robotium Recorder user guide for some more information.

Robotium Recorder has full support for native Android apps and some basic support for hybrid apps. You can try Robotium Recorder in a trial version to record 10 test cases for free. The one year license is currently (limited time offer) $295, normally the license is $495 per year.

I just had a very brief look at Robotium Recorder but it is looking really promising so far. In the next couple of weeks I will dive deeper into the new recorder and will publish a tutorial here.

Have you tried the Recorder yet? What are your impressions?

Have fun!