Latest updates from robotium

Since my last robotium blog posts, robotium was improved in several areas. Since version 4.0 robotium supports webviews and with version 4.2 robotium provide a full support for hybrid apps.
You can use methods like:

  • typeTextInWebElement(By by, String text)
  • waitForWebElement(By by)
  • clickOnWebElement(WebElement webElement)
  • clearTextInWebElement(By by)
  • getWebElement(By by, int index)

Also a great improvement is the robotium remote control (RC). With RC you are able to execute your test cases from the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This enables robotium to work with several JVM frameworks like JUnit 4. To use the RC in your project have a look at the installation and development instructions.
RC can be downloaded from here.

Have fun!