Top 10 Mobile Application Testing Automation Tool Requirements by Brian MacKenzie

First, Happy new year to everybody! The year has just started and I want to continue writing posts about mobile and testing in general. During my vacation I found this really interesting blog post from Brian MacKenzie “Top 10 Mobile Application Testing Automation Tool Requirements“. This post is a really good summary of the requirements, if you are looking for an automation tool for your mobile apps!

The top 10 requirements are:

  1. No jailbreaking or rooting devices
  2. True object recognition
  3. Integration with existing Integrated Development Environments (IDE)
  4. High reusability of scripts
  5. Physical device and emulator/simulator support
  6. Web application support
  7. Data driving, screen capturing and standard reporting capabilities
  8. Support for common interruptions and functionality
  9. Manual or automatic (scheduled) execution
  10. Integration with performance testing tools

What do you think about the requirements?

Find the complete post here.