Tap Into Mobile Application Testing by Jonathan Kohl

Mobile mobile mobile is everywhere!
If you are in the field of mobile app testing you maybe want to read the book “Tap Into Mobile Application Testing” from Jonathan Kohl (@jonathan_kohl). Jonathan gathered lots of very interesting topics about mobile app testing. His book ist currently in a beta phase! If you buy the e-book now, you get all the updates for free. The book costs $14,99 and you will get a PDF, EPUB and MOBI format to read it of course on your mobile device!Tap Into Mobile Application Testing

In this book, you will learn:

  1. How mobile devices work: features, affordances and how to effectively use them when testing.
  2. How to use thinking tools to provide structure to your testing and test idea generation.
  3. How to test and recognize common failures on devices.
  4. How to log bugs well on mobile projects.
  5. How to create a test strategy that makes the best use of your time and resources.
  6. How important it is to incorporate physical movement into your testing.

Get the book here.