Video collection of the mobile testing summit 2012

Today I found a youtube video collection of the mobile testing summit that took place this year in San Francisco (1st Nov. 2012). The Mobile Testing Summit is a 1 day event organized and hosted by Sauce Labs ( For those who missed the summit, check out the nice video collection on youtube!


  • iOS Driver for Native Apps
  • Sikuli for Mobile Testing
  • Intro to Bwoken
  • Calabash: Cross-Platform, Automated Acceptance Testing for Mobile Apps
  • Shared Cross-Platform Tests with Frank
  • Lightning Talks!
  • Closing Lightning Talks & Remarks by Jason Huggins
  • Opening Keynote by Jason Huggins
  • Mobile First: Rebuilding Facebooks’s engineering and testing for mobile
  • Eideticker & Orangutan: Measuring real-world browser performance
  • Settings Apple’s UI Automation Free wit Appium
  • iOS Automated Testing with Calabash: Tips and Tricks
  • MOET: Mobile End-to-End Testing
  • iOS Automation with iPhone Driver
  • Automating Firefox OS: One Solution to Rule them All

Have fun!