YAATT – Yet Another Android Testing Tool

Thanks to my colleague @the_qa_guy I got the information that there is another test automation tool for Android Apps. The tool is called bot-bot and provide a selenium like test automation for native Android Apps using a capture & replay functionality.
The tool is developed by Imaginea and based on the keyword driven approach. bot-bot uses the following open source tools:

To provide a capture & replay mode, bot-bot has three different components:

  1. The Recorder: Is responsible for recording the user action on the Android App under test. The recorded actions are send to the Server.
  2. The Runner: Is responsible for the test execution. Also generates html test results.
  3. The Server: Is responsible for tracking the user actions that come from the Recorder. Besides that it give the qa expert the possibility to export the recorded test cases in csv format. The csv file than can be used with the Runner to execute the testcases again.

bot-bot is currently available in the first version 0.7 and provide the following features (List from http://imaginea.github.com/bot-bot/pages/currently.html):

  • Record user actions of any apk file without the need of the source code.
  • Functional testing on any android app for which the apk file is available.
  • Record user actions on simulator or using an actual phone.
  • Store the recorded actions on the server for future refferences.
  • Edit/modify recorded cases.
  • Allow the recorded cases to be exported in csv format
  • Generation of html reports after test execution.
  • Support for extension of test api, for adding or enhancing any existing cases.

The nice thing is, that the qa expert has the possibility to choose between the testing frameworks that is used by the Runner. He can choose between Robotium or NativeDriver!

To get more information check the tool website on github: https://github.com/Imaginea/bot-bot or http://imaginea.github.com/bot-bot/ .
There you find information about How to Install and about the Components.

See how bot-bot works: 

If I get the time, I will setup an environment with bot-bot to check how good the capture & replay function is!

Let me know, if you already have some experience with the tool.

Have FUN!