Useful new Android Tool also for QA – Lint

Since the last Android ADT update 16 there is a new tool included called Lint. Lint is able to scan Android projects for potential new bugs! Here is a short list of possible problems Lint is checking:

  • Missing translations
  • Layout performance problems
  • Unused resources
  • Inconsistent array sizes
  • Accessibility and internationalization problems
  • Icon problems
  • Usability problems
  • Manifest errors

The complete list can be found here:

Lint is available as a command line tool and also integrated within Eclipse. I tried the eclipse version and it is very useful! I found several missing translation with it as well as possible performance issues. Check the tool documentation from here to get a really nice overview of the tool:

Image source:

To integrate Lint into Eclipse you also have to update your ADT plugin within the software update section of Eclipse. If the update is done, you get a little icon next to the Android Virtual Device Manager icon. Just select the project you want to check and press the Lint icon.

I really like Lint from a QA perspective, because you can easily check what is going on in the source code and talk to your developers about the findings to improve the app quality!

Have fun!