3rd place of the best speakers on the Agile Testing Days 2011

Some weeks ago, I blogged about my talk and the Agile Testing Days 2011 in general. Today I received the overall speaker evaluation statistics from the conference. After checking the PDF file and the overall ratings in different categories I could not believe it, that I am on the 3rd place of the best speakers of the whole Conference. There were so many really good speakers (in total 49 speakers) at the conference, but surprisingly the audience of my talk rated me really good and obvious liked it :). My overall rating is 1,57!

Here is the list of the best speakers:

  • 1st place: Vegard Hartmann & Øyvind Kvangardsnes (rating: 1,42)
  • 2nd place: David Evans (rating: 1,50)
  • 3rd place: Daniel Knott (rating: 1,57)
  • 4th place: Alexander Tarnowski (rating: 1,58)
  • 5th place: Alexandra Schladebeck (rating: 1,63)

Note to the ratings: Keynote speakers are not considered.

Thanks to everyone who rated my talk that good!