Mobile Developer Conference 2012 Hamburg

Last week my paper for the Mobile Dev Con 2012 (Feb) in Hamburg was accepted. The talk is about mobile test automation using the tool robotium. In the next weeks I will start preparing some facts about robotium and also a really cool Live Demo Session that show the possibilities of the tool. For more information about robotium check Or read a recent blogpost of how to setup robotium

Here is the speakers list of the Mobile Dev Con 2012 in Hamburg:

And the program:

The iPhone App:

Here are the slides from my talk about Androit testautomation with Robotium and some images from me while talking about Robotium.

Slides Test Automatisierung Robotium Daniel Knott XING AG (german)

Update II:
Today (02/27/2012) I received my Speaker evalution from the conference board. My average is 1.44 (in school notes) and with this result, I am rated as the best speaker of the whole conference :). In total 32 speakers talked on the conference. Thank you very to everyone who rated me and my talk that good!