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How To get Started in Software Testing Part 2

How To Get Started In Software Testing – Part II by Tim Ebie

In part two of the series “How To Get Started In Software Testing”, I’ll outline five more areas aspiring software quality assurance engineers should focus on in order to have a thriving career in the software quality assurance space. Every building is only as strong as its foundation.

Therefore, if you haven’t read part one of this series, I highly recommend you do so before continuing further in this series. This will help give you a solid foundation as you look to launch out to in “deep” end of software testing. You can check out part one here.

Below, I’ve highlighted five key areas every aspiring software tester should consider as he or she looks to explore the world of software quality assurance.

  1. Crowdsourcing: A new shift in the software testing phenomenon is that of crowdsource based testing. Crowdsource based testing is where testers gather from different parts of the world to test applications and get paid for bugs they find. A few of the sites you can visit and join are the following:
    • utest.com: Join a crowd sourcing site like utest and learn by testing applications, mobiles apps, devices and a variety of other technologies. Here you’ll get direct hands on experience. You can access it here: http://www.utest.com
    • Weekend Test: Is a software testing platform where testers gather together to test various applications and technologies. You can access it here: http://www.weekendtesting.com
    • usertesting.com: This platform focuses more on the “look and feel” of a website or what you will call Usability testing. Basically, you sign up to be a “tester” or user and get paid $10 every time you share your thoughts out loud (it’s recorded) when navigating a website. The setup is easy and all you need is a quiet place to record and a computer/laptop. Most test take 15-20 minutes. So, the better you become and the more tests you qualify for you can tests up to three sites an hour, which can earn you about $30 an hour. One secret? Stay logged in and score high (five stars) on your practice/initial training and they’ll keep sending you tests. You can access it at www.usertesting.com

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How To get Started in Software Testing

How To Get Started In Software Testing – Part I by Tim Ebie

Jobs in technology and software are becoming more and more in demand. With the advent of cloud computing, mobile applications, IoT (Internet of Things), and newer technologies that spring up frequently, the demand for qualified and skilled technologists is quickly surpassing the supply of individuals that can fill those roles.

A recent CNN interview with Andela Co-Founder Jeremy Johnson revealed that 4 out of 5 software development jobs go unfilled in the US and “… 1.8 million open IT jobs in the US alone.” As technology and software advances, so also the need to test and verify the correctness of these systems will be necessary before passing them on to the end users. This is where software testing and software quality assurance comes in.

Looking to pursue a career in software testing is a great decision that can yield great dividends in years to come. Forbes released an article rating software quality assurance as the happiest job in America.  In part I of this series, I’ll give you five things to consider as you look to get started in this field of software testing to ensure you enjoy a rewarding and lasting career. Read more

It’s time to give back

Dear testing community, it’s time to give back. Yesterday, late evening I saw the following tweet from Kristoffer Nordström a fellow tester of our awesome testing community.

Kristoffer and his family are currently going through a nightmare, that no one can imagine and no one should ever go through. His little daughter Linnea is suffering of DIPG and she needs a special treatment to survive! If you know Kristoffer, you know that he is an awesome member of our testing community helping our craft to get more attention and to bring it forward. If you don’t know Kristoffer, take a look at his LinkedIn profile.

In order to help his little daughter, Kristoffer created a fundraiser on youcaring.com to collect donations in order to be able to pay the treatment for his little daughter.

I would like to ask all my readers, if you can donate some money, even if it is 1€, 1$ or any other small amount, it will hopefully help the family to reach the fundraising of 110.000€. If you can’t give something to the family, please retweet or share this post or the link of the fundraiser directly: https://www.youcaring.com/linneanordstrom-760690

I really hope we, as a community can give something back!

Thank you all

Reading Recommendations

Reading Recommendations # 80

This is the 80 issue of my reading recommendations contains 6 very interesting blog posts. This time with “How to Monitor Mobile App Traffic With Sniffers”, “One Year Software Quality Page – Behind the scenes”, “Continuous Delivery for Mobile Apps using Fastlane”, “What You Need To Know When Planning Your Test Lab in 2017”, “Open Sourcing Bluepill: Run iOS Tests in Multiple Simulators” and “Introduction to Android Espresso Testing and Spoon”.

Enjoy reading the posts and send me new ones that are worth reading and I will mention you and link to your social links or blog.

How to Monitor Mobile App Traffic With Sniffers - Reading RecommendationsHow to Monitor Mobile App Traffic With Sniffers

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33 Test Automation Leaders to Follow on Twitter

What a nice start into the day, when you take a look at your smartphone and seeing a tweet like this

I somehow missed this list “33 Test Automation Leaders to Follow on Twitter” created by Joe Colantonio and published on techbeacon.com last week. The list contains 33 people from all over the world who are experts in the software testing industry and are worth following on twitter. Looking at this list makes me proud to be part of it, because so many awesome experts are listed. Here is an excerpt

  • Jonathan Wright
  • Dan Cuellar
  • Eran Kinsbruner
  • Alan Richardson
  • Bas Dijkstra
  • Angie Jones
  • Katrina Clokie
  • Richard Bradshaw
  • Rosie Sherry

to list some of the 33 people. I highly recommend to check the list and to start to follow them on twitter.

The complete list can be found here.