Reading Recommendations # 77

This is the 77 issue of my reading recommendations contains 4 very interesting blog posts and one video from Danny Dainton (@DannyDainton) on the Whiteboard Testing YouTube channel. Thanks to all the bloggers out there writing the great content. This issue include the topics: “Tester’s First TestBash”, “Risk-based release testing”, “TestBash – more than a conference” and “the four-hour tester”.

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Tester's First TestBash - Reading RecommendationsTester’s First TestBash | Cassandra HL TL; DR: TestBash Manchester was amazing! I’d highly recommend going and / or sending your team there. The talks and the people were well worth it and even better than I thought they would be.

Risk-based release testing - Reading RecommendationsKatrina the Tester: Risk-based release testing
TestBash – more than a conference - Reading RecommendationsTestBash – more than a conference
TestBash – more than a conference - Reading Recommendationsthe four-hour tester – Can you learn the skills of a tester in four hours?


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