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Win A Ticket to EuroSTAR 2016 – Update

Like last year you can win again a ticket to EuroSTAR conference 2016 in Stockholm. This year the EuroSTAR conference returns to Sweden for the fifth time later this month and promises to be a fantastic opportunity for software testing professionals to learn and network with over 1000 peers from over 40 countries across Europe and around the globe.

The conference will take place from 31st of October to 3rd of November and the ticket has a value of 1850€ (2,5 days) and is maybe free for you :).

The week begins with 1.5 days of tutorials from experts in topics like test automation and test management before the conference officially begins on Tuesday afternoon. Attendees can choose from 5 tracks over 2.5 days with sessions covering agile and DevOps, automation, trends in testing, people skills, machine learning and many other topics. Outside of the formal program, EuroSTAR includes a thriving expo featuring a Test Lab where attendees can take part in hands-on testing challenges, a Test Clinic for solving tough testing problems and the ever-expanding Community Huddle where delegates can hang out, play games and talk testing.

If you would like the chance to win a ticket to EuroSTAR 2016, please leave a comment below stating why you should be the person to attend the conference. Please leave a comment until 21st of October! After that date, the winner will be picked and will get the free ticket from the event organizer.

Note: In this raffle you can win only the ticket to the conference. You have to take care of the travel and accommodation expenses yourself.


Update: The winner has been picked and informed. Thanks to all for your comments. Soon there will be some free books here, too.

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  1. trisha says:

    I really wanted to attend conference, sessions covering agile and Dev-Ops,
    Automation, trends in testing,
    people skills, machine learning and many other topics and attend 5 tracks and improve the skills.

  2. Dumitru says:

    Well, I never won anything in my life. And the ticket to the conference in the area I am working, would be the best gift ever. I could learn something new, meet people and gain the knowledge. Good luck to me!

  3. Ron Werner says:

    Why me? Awesome people (as Testers are, generally), inspiring talks, kick-arse workshops, and a great conference. Oh, and it’s in SWEDEN! I’d love to be there. Enough said!

  4. bvccaneer says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I’ve spent a nice day full of learning and chatting with other testers during one of EuroSTAR sw testing roadshows and looking forward to seeing all those great people once again! hopefully in Stockholm!


  5. Paul says:

    Because I’d like to expand my knowledge areas and bring them to use in a practical context in the future.
    Additionally, I have never been to Sweden, a fact that is deeply in need of being changed.

  6. At 99 years old I am the oldest software tester in the world. What better way to spend my 100th birthday than at the premier European software testing event in Stockholm. The Gala Dinner would be a perfect place to cap off my birthday celebrations

  7. Sandra says:

    Why should I be the person to attend the conference? Well, it’s simple!
    Because I test software.
    Because everyday when I come to my workplace, the enthusiastic tester in me opens her computer to find out what news (a.k.a “let’s see if they fixed my bugs…”) she has from the projects she works on.
    Because I’m eager to report bugs.
    Because right now, as I write this, I smile thinking that I’m really enjoying this! 🙂

  8. Dolly says:

    I have a minimum 3-year plan with EuroSTAR:
    1st: I want to attend the conference because I’ve never been before to EuroSTAR. I want to participate to lots of sessions, tutorials, to meet people and to learn as much as I can!
    2nd: I want to be an apprentice at the TestLAB
    3d: I want to organize the TestLAB.

    Why? I’m a tester and a learner and EuroSTAR is a place to learn. I need to learn continuously to become better and better at what I do: testing. I need to have new and different experiences and to get out of my comfort zone so that I can learn from other’s experiences and also share mine.

    Why is it so necessary to happen this year?
    How more should I wait? If my plan takes at least 3 years I cannot waste any more seconds!

    This is why I should be the one who wins the ticket! 🙂

  9. Murat Kuş says:

    I want to go to eurostar because the costs for me (for a low value money) are just too damn high and I have been hungering to learn more about Agile and Anchoring.
    And to add to the pain, I think it would be amazing to join the test lab which I think will show me(which I later can try to transmit to others) how the minds of the testers around the world look like.

  10. Alexandra Cimpean says:

    EuroStar is the year highlight for any European Tester.
    It is a conference in which passionate testers can learn from presentation and discussion with fellow pears.

    I would like to be part of the learning community attending EuroSTAR this year and advance in continuous learning.

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