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Printed Copy of Hands-On Mobile App Testing

https://leanpub.com/mobiletestingToday, I want to share some really great news with you. I think you all know, that I have written a book about mobile testing called “Hands-On Mobile App Testing” which is available since October 2014 on leanpub.
Since the book is available, I got really great feedback from people from around the world who were reading it. I never expected so many great feedback and responses. However, I also got lots of e-mails asking for a printed copy of my book. In the first place my idea was to publish the book via leanpub to have full control of the publishing process and the lightweight service they offer to distribute eBooks online. However, self publishing a printed copy of the book is not possible for me as a single person.

Therefore, I want to announce the printed copy of my book “Hands-On Mobile App Testing”. The famous book publisher Pearson formerly known as Addison Wesley will publish my book in a printed copy and eBook version.

This is a really great honor for me, because Pearson already published famous software testing books from software testing experts like:

Currently, I am reworking some chapters together with Pearson in my spare time to deliver the final manuscript in the next upcoming weeks. The final printed copy will then be available later this year in all known online and offline bookshops around the world.

Publishing the book with Pearson means that I will have to remove the leanpub version before the book will be available via Pearson. Don’t worry, this will take a couple of months and you can still buy it. If you like a printed copy of it, you have to wait some more months :).

I hope you like the update about my book and because of the great news, I will reduce the price of the book permanently to $9,99 ($ 11.89 including VAT).

If there are any new updates about this project, I will let you know!

Happy Testing!


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