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State of Testing Report 2015

In January, I wrote a blog post to announce and to ask for your participation in the new “State Testing Report 2015“. Today, I received a mail from Lalit and Joel that the latest report is now ready and can be shared with all of you. Hopefully, you have participated in this survey and are curious about the results.

In the latest state of testing report 2015, software testers from around the world have participated. Here is a short overview of the countries: Read more

Reading Recommendations - Adventures in QA

Reading Recommendations # 23

Times flies, it is already Wednesday and it seams the summer break is coming. The 23rd issue of my software testing reading recommendations contains only 6 blog posts. Nevertheless, the 6 post I mention this week are worth reading and are dealing wit the topics: The 5s Methodolgy of Testing, how to perform your own lean mobile usability testing and how to blog while testing, an experiment of a way to test. There is another post dealing with the hot topic of recruiting users for user testing and there are 2 posts dealing with the same topic on how to use sounds during testing. Richard and Maik where talking about this topic on the community and both decided to write a blog post about it :).

Enjoy reading the posts.

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottTesting the Waterhouse: The 5s Methodology to Testing

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People in Testing Interview with Markus Gärtner

People in Testing Q&A with Markus Gärtner - Adventures in QAThis time in “People in Testing” I had the chance to interview Markus Gärtner, the author of ATDD by Example – A Practical Guide to Acceptance Test-Driven Development and one of the most influential agile testing professional person (Awarded in 2013).

Daniel: Markus, what is currently your biggest challenge at work?

Markus: Right now, I am working with a client on introducing Scrum in both the medical world as well as constructing medical equipment, rather than software development. Although, I we just started, I feel engaged by the amount of things that I learn in order to make this happen.

On another note, I work in a company where we enjoy lots of freedom together with self-direction and self-management. Though the stuff you read about it-agile, if you dive into the background, and are part of it, it’s very hard work. Right now, we are on the edge of hopefully overcoming some of the struggles that come with self-organization. Read more

Reading Recommendations - Adventures in QA

Reading Recommendations # 22

It is Wednesday again and the 22nd issue of my software testing reading recommendations is available with 8 recommended blog posts. There are posts dealing with the topics: Introducing the Software Testing Cupcake a new anti-pattern which I highly recommend to read. There is a post with the topic “Lessons learned on avoiding testing” which is also very interesting. Furthermore, there are post about talking on conferences and what a blogger learnt from it. How to mock the current mobile device location with testmunk. How to improve quality and syntax of your Android code. A post about good and bad disruption, a post about a new theory of distraction and a last post which is dealing with white box testing vs. black box testing.

Enjoy reading the posts.

fabio-cupcake-new1_0Introducing the Software Testing Cupcake (Anti-Pattern) | ThoughtWorksI believe that the Testing Pyramid is one of the best analogies to help a team develop a strategy for writing tests in a reliable and scalable manner. I have used it many times, and have found its application to be immensely helpful.” name=”description

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