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30 Days of Mobile Testing

This time I changed sides and created the 30 days of mobile testing challenge in cooperation with Ministry of Testing. The last software testing challenge created by Ministry of Testing was a huge success and many software testers from around the world participated. It was great seeing the progress of so many people and I really learned a lot during this time. If you want to check my 30 days of testing challenge, take a look here. Since the last challenge was about general software testing, Ministry of Testing asked me, to create a dedicated challenge just for mobile testing. Over the weekend I shaped the challenges and I hope you like them. I am really looking forward to see your results on all the different social channels. Feel free to share your progress also as a comment to this blog. The challenge will start in October, but don’t hesitate to start it today :).

At the end of the 30 days of mobile testing challenge I will pick the best challenge/ progress and I will send the winner a signed copy of my book Hands-On Mobile App Testing.

And here are the tasks/ challenges. Click the image to get all the details on the Ministry of Testing page. Read more

EuroSTAR - Adventures in QA

Win A Ticket to EuroSTAR 2016 – Update

Like last year you can win again a ticket to EuroSTAR conference 2016 in Stockholm. This year the EuroSTAR conference returns to Sweden for the fifth time later this month and promises to be a fantastic opportunity for software testing professionals to learn and network with over 1000 peers from over 40 countries across Europe and around the globe.

The conference will take place from 31st of October to 3rd of November and the ticket has a value of 1850€ (2,5 days) and is maybe free for you :). Read more

Android Resources

List of Android Development Resources – Guest Post

Are you an Android developer or app tester? Do you want to learn from or get connected to other peers in the Android community? If so, there is something useful you should read and check out.

Andreas and Jessica from AnySoftwareTools, recently created a big list of Android development resources. The list covers a wide range of materials including blogs, tutorials, forums, podcasts, and social media communities. Whether you are new to Android programming, or you are a veteran who’s managed to develop an app, you’ll love this resource.

You can read the comprehensive resource here: http://www.anysoftwaretools.com/best-android-development-resources/

The list includes 46 blogs and tutorials, 11 forums and Q&A websites, 12 YouTube playlists, 5 podcasts, 10 Google+ communities, 11 Facebook groups, and counting. Did we miss any resources you like but not mentioned there? Let us know, we will be happy to consider adding them. That’s the value of keeping a resource updated, isn’t it?

Anyway, check it out and let us know what you think. If you like it, feel free to share it out. Happy reading and coding!

About the author
Jessica Carrell is a technology enthusiast who founded AnySoftwareTools with several geek friends. When she is not coding or writing tech stuff, she loves shooting photographs behind her camera lens.

Image Source: https://stocksnap.io/photo/QVKE96OD36
Reading Recommendations

Reading Recommendations # 76

This is the 76 issue of my reading recommendations is packed with 6 very interesting blog posts. Thanks to all the bloggers out there writing the great content. This issue include the topics: “Jobhunting”, “Ministry Of Testing”, “The Mobile Device Lab at Prineville Data Center”, “Testing on the Toilet: What Makes a Good End-to-End Test?”, “The Evolution of the Software Testing Pyramid” and “Observation in Testing”.

Enjoy reading the posts and send me new ones that are worth reading and I will mention you and link to your social links or blog.

When you have finished reading the recommended blog posts think about leaving a comment. The author of the blog will love to see your comment and it will start a nice discussion about the topic that may help others to understand the topic even more.

Jobhunting - Testknight - Reading RecommendationsJobhunting – Testknight

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Clubby bonhomie or communication in QA Engineer world – Oleksii Ihnatiuk

“Communication (noun): the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs.”

On my professional path as a software tester, I started to catch myself thinking how vital are communication skills in this job. That it is exactly what leads us to successfully completed projects.

Junior tester

This step is the simplest. I just cooperate with QA team and get tasks from PM. I am trying to catch all possible bugs and write proper bug reports. My thoughts are far away from QA process and how I can improve them indeed. There is only me, developers and my own tickets.


  • Your professional career is a blank page, so you are brave and have tremendous motivation at the start.
  • You remember software testing theory so far and your mentor’s parting words.

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